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    He is Bigger Still

    The pediatric dentist had delivered bad news. Our son needed oral surgery on not just one or two teeth, but on multiple teeth. And given the extent of the dental work anticipated and our son’s medical history, the procedures would need to be done in a hospital and under anesthesia. I began reviewing the cost estimates the dentist’s office manager had given to me as my husband drove us home. Hospital operating room + anesthesiologist + dental work = big bills. And it wasn’t just about the additional medical and dental expenses. (Though those were sufficient stress alone.) It was also that, due our son’s other medical needs, he’d already…

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    The Last Mile of Life

    Everyone faces life and death crossroads. And everyone’s experiences differ. This year in particular has impacted many of us as we or a loved one walk the last mile of life. Today my emotions remain raw while this season of incredible loss for me and my family wears on. I don’t have facts and figures to try to make sense of it all. Instead, I’d like to share a few thoughts from my heart.

  • Heartprints

    Bible Verses on Assurance for Your Family

    I’ve noticed many people struggle with having assurance of their salvation. This occurs for numerous reasons, but sometimes it’s a result of placing too much emphasis on our actions. Assurance of our salvation should not be based on our good or bad actions. Good works may show fruit of salvation, but they are never the basis of salvation. Ultimately, our salvation rests in our trust in Christ alone and is substantiated by the objective truth of Scripture. When doubting, turn to God’s Word for assurance. Below is a list of verses I’ve compiled on assurance (click here to see these verses in an infographic format). John 1:12 John 3:16 John…

  • Divided Highway

    Spiritually Bipolar

    Here’s another confession. I’m bi-polar when it comes to my spiritual life. On the one hand I can be very self-condemning: I’m a rotten worthless sinner who can’t do anything right. I wrote a song once called Failure the lyrics to which expressed how I often feel: I confess that I’m a failure This sober truth, it haunts my life Decisions made that were unwise I’ve messed up my own, and others’ lives Too many times… Yes, I beat myself up a lot. And, yes, I know Jesus loves me, but I have often asked, “But does He like me?” I fail time and time and time and time and…