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    Salt and Light Online

    Salt and Light Online During the pandemic, I was honored to be asked to address a student leadership conference for a Christian school in the Philippines via Zoom. Looking over my notes, there isn’t much here that doesn’t apply to ALL of us with any kind of online connection. In order to follow Jesus’ call to be salt and light, and applying it to online life, I’d like to take a look at dangers of the dark side of online life, as well as suggest ways to be wise in the use of this technology. The Comparison Trap I don’t think anything has fueled the temptation to compare ourselves to…

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    How Do You Respond to Other’s Blessings and Advantages?

    A few months ago, I had some extended time with the Lord that integrated my mind and heart concerning a habitual sin that I have dealt with on and off for years. It is a sin that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is always devastating. It is listed in the seven deadly sins and rightly so. Maybe you struggle with the same sin—envy. It is not a sin that I am preoccupied with and it only happens with a few people, but one person is one too many when it comes to being holy before the Lord. “You shall be holy, for I am holy” (1 Peter…

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    The Game You Will Never Win

        Why do we torment ourselves by playing The Comparison Game?      It’s part of human nature – evaluating the looks or accomplishments of others and comparing them with our own. We may not even realize we are doing this, until the dark emotions of discouragement and discontentment begin to churn within us.  As someone once said, “To compare is to despair.” We can quickly determine how we measure up with another in importance, our giftings, accomplishments or the Cute Outfit Quotient. It’s been called the “sidelong glance” – instantly sizing up someone out of the corner of our eye, or being sized up ourselves. Social media doesn’t help us…