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    Evangelicals and The Refugee Crisis and The Generous College Students

    I was surprised and a little shocked recently when I read in a letter from a friend who was visiting in the Middle East  – “More than once I was asked, ‘Why are American evangelicals absent and silent in this crisis?’ How would you have answered that question?” Really?? I knew the involvement of one of our grandchildren –  then googled “Evangelicals and the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East”  to find plenty of information to answer the question. During January 2-4, 2106 at Passion thousands of college students gathered. They were challenged to live for Christ with all out commitment. They were also challenged to give financially.  The picture…

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    Does Sponsoring a Child Do Any Good?

    Recently, I wrote about child sponsorship as one way to help end child trafficking. But, how do we know thought that child sponsorship makes any impact or does any good?   Christianity Today answered this in their June 2013 cover story about a study done on Compassion International and it's impacts.   It turns out that it actually does an amazing amount of good when you sponsor a child. Why? Because you bring them something greater than your $35 per month. You bring them hope.   I can remember dreaming as a child what I'd want to be when I grew up. I'm sure most of us reading this can remember…

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    Taking Children On An Incredible Journey

    Have you ever been on an incredible journey and experienced God's peace, love, and joy?  When our children were young our family traveled to the Dominican Republic.  As the time grew closer, anticipation and excitement escalated as our children counted down the days until our departure date.  This was not just a vacation, but this was an incredible journey that God used to open our hearts to His peace, love, and joy.  You see, this particular trip was our families first mission trip together.