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    Spirit of the Rainforest: A Forty-Something Book Report

    “We want people who will really care about us, like the man who came into my village and put his arm around me when I was covered with dirt, sweat, saliva, and mucous…He showed us something we knew nothing about—love.”–quoted from Spirit of the Rainforest             Eight years ago my husband announced he would quit his corporate job to go to seminary full-time. I reminded him of his disdain for reading and writing. Not that I wanted to dissuade him, but I didn’t believe him for the aforementioned reasons. Years later I joined him and I took a fascinating class on Angelology. I expected the extensive…

  • My sisters have names by Melanie Newton

    My Sisters Have Names

    Several women gather in a small African hut on Tuesday mornings to praise Jesus. Most are from the same tribe; a couple of them are missionaries. There are no decorated tables or spiral bound study books. Only a few can read. They walk long distances to get there each week. And they have names. I love that I know their names – these sisters of mine in Christ – because the newsletters from our missionary friends tell me their names, their stories, and provide pictures of them. They are not just nameless converts. I know their names, what their life is like, and can pray for them as they meet…