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    Planet versus People, a path towards peace.

    Some of the most magnificent moments of my life have included nature. When I think about my travels around the United States and abroad, my mind rests at “Inspiration Point” in Yosemite National Park in California. I was a college student spending the summer in California, surrounded by the majesty of Lake Tahoe, but Yosemite left me breathless. I had never seen anything like the view overlooking the Yosemite Valley, aptly named, “Inspiration Point.” The mountains, the heights, the expanse, the streams; truly hard to take in all at once. When I feel overwhelmed and I long for rest, God’s gift to me is His creation. Sometimes I feel like…

  • The Rage Against God

    Book Review: “The Rage Against God” by Peter Hitchens

    “In the names of reason, science, and liberty they [have] proved, rather effectively, that good societies need God to survive and that when you have murdered him, starved him, silenced him, denied him to the children, and erased his festivals and memory, you have a gap that cannot indefinitely be filled by any human, nor anything made by human hands…. [Yet] A new and intolerant utopianism seeks to drive the remaining traces of Christianity from Europe and North America. This time, it does so mainly in the cause of personal liberation, born in the 1960s cultural revolution, and now inflamed into special rage by any suggestion that the sexual urge…

  • Immanuel God With Us

    Go, Total Stranger, Go!!

    Sometimes encouragement comes from entirely unexpected sources. A few years ago, four friends and I embarked on a mini-adventure, each running a 5ish-mile leg of the White Rock Marathon relay. Mind you, my visions of the day and the reality of the morning were quite different. While training, I enjoyed either sunny skies or the comforts of a temperature-controlled workout room. I didn’t anticipate shivering outside for two hours in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Standing in the pouring rain waiting for that baton, out of my blue lips came these words (said with emphasis): “This is STUPID. Why did I sign up for this??” I had distant hope that I would…

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    Like a Girl

    The Always video, #likeagirl, has gone viral, having almost 20 million hits to this day. The video challenges the insult and stereotype that is spoken in the phrase “like a girl”. There are many things about this video that are beautiful, sad, true and tear-provoking. Click here to watch the full video. Then come back and read the rest of the blog.           What I want to highlight comes at about 1:06, a young boy when asked “So do you think you just insulted your sister?” He quickly replies with “No! I mean, yeah, I insulted girls, but not my sister.” He was quick to defend…