• Pride Month

    How Should We Think About Pride Month?

    How should Christ-followers think about Pride Month? Well, first, in case you are not aware, Pride Month is a time of highlighting and celebrating everything LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). You might have seen a few more letters tacked on—QQIAA (queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally). It’s hard NOT to notice it’s Pride Month when rainbows suddenly appear on all kinds of products and logos. Many cities have Pride marches, much of which is not safe to broadcast on the evening news because the behavior in these parades is definitely not family-friendly. How should believers think about it all? We need to pass our thoughts and judgments through the filter…

  • Engage

    What Is Intersex and What Does the Bible Say about It?

    We see the acronym LGBTIQA, and we might not even know what every letter stands for. To have conversations with people who self-identify in any of the represented categories, we need some basic language for communication:  The acronym LGBTIQA stands for: 1) "L" – lesbians 2) "G" – gays 3) "B" – bisexuals 4) "T" – transgender people 5) "I" – intersex people 6) "Q" – queer and questioning people 7) "A" – asexual people and allies (Notice “homosexual” is not on the list—many consider that word “Christianese.”) Recently, I have had conversations with Christian leaders who’ve told me, “I don’t even know what intersex is.” I also hear people…