• Heartprints

    How can we reach more people for Jesus?

      I recently asked Pastor Rodney Beauford, from Houston Texas, how we can help him reach more kids and families.  His answer will make your day. Q:  How can we help you reach more kids and families? A:  "It is easy.  Show that you love the same people we love." My ministry is to help churches and community groups reach kids using Awana.  But Pastor Rodney's answer applies to any ministry.  Whatever your ministry, show people that you love who they love and care about what they care about.  All of our minstries are part of a larger story, and we are not the main character, Jesus is.  Make sure…

  • Engage

    God Shatters a Wall

    On my previous blog I described how we had hit the health care wall. It looked like, with my rheumatoid arthritis, our inability to find affordable health care might knock my husband right out of what was looking like two job offers for senior pastoral positions, perhaps ending his professional ministry. Two weeks later we are breathless at what God has done. We went to Iron Man 2 Sunday night but I drifted in and out of all the action thinking, What is happening in our lives right now is far more exciting. It's God. And it's real. Now for Part 2 of our story… 0