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    Noah or God’s Not Dead?

    If you want to see a movie where the lions beat the “Christians” go see Noah.   If you want to see a movie where the Christians beat the lions go see God’s Not Dead.   If you want to see a story where the lions “eat” a lot of Christians but many prevail read the Bible. Hebrews 11. All the way to the end.   If you want to see a movie where an unbelieving director uses a Christian story as a springboard to put forward his own environmentalist and we-are-all-connected pantheist story go see Darren Aronofsky’s Noah.            Aranofsky insists he is a believer,…

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    THE BIBLE Miniseries: My Perspective

    One of my co-workers, a Muslim, kept asking me if I had been watching the Bible miniseries. When I told him that I had not, he said, “You should, you would like it.” “I usually don’t like it when Hollywood does a Bible movie,” I told him. “They usually add all kinds of stuff to it that’s not in the Bible. Like in the movie The Ten Commandments, they made it as though Moses and Pharaoh’s wife had once been in love, which is completely extra-biblical. I mean, the Bible is the best-selling book of all-time, it’s not like they can improve on it.” “No, man, you’ve got to see…