Tomorrow at DTS

Tomorrow at Dallas Theological Seminary (October 7-8) begins two days of focus on where evangelicalism is in the USA. The Hendricks Center is hosting a The Way Forward Reimaging Evangelicalism Conference all day on October 7. I hope those of you in the Dallas area can attend. Walk ups are welcome.

John Dickerson is a young, award winning journalist and pastor in the Phoenix area who has written about where Evangelicalism needs to go as our culture shifts. He has done some good research on the topic. His book is enttitled, 

The Great Evangelical Recession, The: 6 Factors That Will Crash the American Church…and How to Prepare

He carefully assesses both what is happening and what needs to happen. His book in insightful and he will be discussing its ideas with us. He will be in chapel at Dallas on Turesday. We also will be taping a podcast that will air at the turn of the year. 


Here are the challenges: The church is not as large as we think, donations to its ministries are down, we face a post Christian America, the church is splitting over how to react, the next generation of children are not staying in the church, and discipleship is not keeping up. So how can we reverse these trends? Is there anyhting practical that can be done? Come hear the conversation. We think he has some good things to say.