Trust and Obey

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: So last week we learned that God commanded the big fish to swallow Jonah and spit Jonah up on the dry land of Nineveh.

Kids: EWW.

Me: I know! But that’s exactly how it happened. So Jonah goes right back to where he started. He tells the people that Nineveh will be destroyed in 40 days.

Kids: What??? Really?

Me: Yes! Whether they like it or not, they’re getting permanently evicted in 40 days. How do you think the Ninevites handled it?

Kid 1: They were mad.

Kid 2: Some started leaving.

Me: Well, they prayed. Not only did they pray, they apologized for hurting God with their bad behavior. How do you think God responded?

Kid 3: He said thanks but no thanks?

Kid 4: He forgave them?

Me: He did a few things…that I’ll tell you about next week!

Kids: No!!!!

Reflect: Like Jonah, we don’t have to agree with God to be obedient. Do you like doing chores? No. But do you still do them? Yes. God doesn’t require total agreement. You just have to trust that He knows best and it’ll all make sense later.

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