You Can Always Say Sorry

Sunday School Chronicles

Me: So when we last left off, Jonah was telling the Ninevites they had 40 days to get right or get gone. What do you think the people of Nineveh chose?

Kid 1: To get right?

Kid 2: To get gone!

Me: First answer obvi! They chose to do the right thing. Did God force it?

Kids: No!

Me: No. God gives us choices but He will never force or make us do anything we don’t want to do. That’s not who He is. That’s not how He rolls. Through Jonah, He gave Nineveh choices. Luckily for Nineveh, they chose right. They didn’t just apologize, they showed their sorrow and regret for hurting God so much. They sat in ashes and wore sackcloth.

Kid 3: Ashes and sackcloth?

Me: Yes. It’s a Middle Eastern practice that shows how sad and regretful you are. It shows that you understand how much your words and actions have hurt someone else. It shows that you’re sad.

Kids: Oohhhhh.

Me: Yes. You don’t have to do this. I’m definitely not saying the next time you hurt someone’s feelings, you should wear sackcloth and sit in ashes. But what I am saying is that you should absolutely sit in your feelings and think about your actions then apologized. That’s what Nineveh did. And God forgave them because of who He is and because they truly meant it.

Reflect: Saying sorry is cool. But, do you truly know why you’re sorry? Take the time to truly think about how things both negatively and/or positively impact others even before you do or say something. Apologizing is great, but thinking ahead of time usually works out even better.

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