Painting Rocks for Pennies

When I was eight-ish years old, a neighbor friend and I gathered a bunch of rocks, painted them, and sold them door to door for a quarter. We did surprisingly well…well enough to buy some candy from Pauley’s Grocery Store.


I don’t know why I love rocks. I don’t know their appeal. I just know that when I see one with unique characteristics and hidden qualities, I have to pick it up.

I feel like that’s how Jesus felt picking his disciples. Seeing someone that others have overlooked. Appreciating a deeper quality only He could see. Overlooking rough edges knowing He could redeem it and redirect it for a greater good…for His Kingdom.


He didn’t pick the shiniest, or most colorful, or even the ones with great earthly value. But, they were valuable to Him and in His care, they were more precious than gold.


Peter is a perfect example of this. His passions ran deep and oozed out often in ways that weren’t always for the best. He was impulsive. Impulsive translates to unstable and un-predicable; but Jesus saw deeper. He saw past Peter’s impulsively abrasive exterior. He saw character. He saw someone of value. He saw a man who would become Rock Solid for the gospel.


Jesus was so confident in Peter that He called him, “Petra” which means Rock. He said, “Upon this Rock, I will build my church.” And He did. Peter oozed now with unwavering passion for the gospel. All because Jesus saw unique characteristics and hidden qualities in Peter and picked him up.


Jesus feels that way about you. You are unique to Him. He chose you. He sees you when no one else does. He sees your hidden qualities. He values you. Most importantly, He loves you with a fierce unwavering love-rough edges and all. And, like Peter, He wants more for you.


John 15:16