Podcast Examines an Often, Asked but Rarely Pursued Question

I am often asked what the difference rreally is between Roman Catholicims and Protestantism. The Reformation is now almost a half a millinnium old. Most of us were not there! So what exactly are the differences? The latest Tabel podcast covers this topic in the next two weeks. Systematic and Historical theologinas Scott Horrell and Michael Svigel help me cvoer thsi ground. We will be looking at seven differences in strictly descriptive terms. The result is one can see how distinct the approaches of the two groupings are to theology and Christian faith. 

As often as this question is asked, it is rarely pursued. So here in an hour and twoo weks of podcasts, one can get oriented. So I hope you find this helpful. By the way, you can subscribe to the Table for either audio only or video from the link page. Do let us know if you found this discussion helpful.


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