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    Invisible Women

    The other morning at church, I was talking to one of our church leaders as he spotted one of our three-year-olds making a run for the lobby. He called the boy’s name three times, including extending his hand for a high-five, and was ignored all three times. (I’m a boy mom. I get it. The little guy was completely focused on escaping the worship center—no room for any other thoughts!) Laughing, I asked my friend, “Hey, how are you doing with that ‘feeling invisible’ thing?” He was fine with it. But there are a number of people in our churches for whom feeling invisible is no laughing matter. It hurts.…

  • Engage

    The Single Christian Woman and Sexual Longing

    Three years ago, I wrote a post titled “Going Solo Sexually,” which addressed the issue of Christian women and masturbation. Apparently, we need to talk more about this in the church (though not necessarily from the pulpit), because that post has received thousands and thousands of hits and has generated numerous comments. But recently, the conversation has taken a slight turn. Last week someone with the user name “Single forever” added this comment titled, “It’s Tough”: “I’m a 33 year old. Never been in a relationship, held, physically touched, kissed by a man. What do I do with this sex drive and need for love? It’s tough and a daily…