The Invisible Watch

     Our son (almost) five year old son, Luke, comes to our church’s contemporary worship service with us. During the service he often takes his daddy’s watch and changes the time, hoping that he can move time along and therefore, the service along by moving the hands on the watch. He believes that if he changes the time then time will pass more quickly. (Note: this is not a commentary on the quality of our worship service – we are talking about a five year old, here!)

    What Luke is physically doing with a watch we often wish we could do with time as well. We encounter a time of waiting, of unknown or of expectation and we do not want to wait. Waiting requires trust and recognizing we do not have control. Like Luke, we want to move the hands of the invisible watch.

    For those of us who efficiently and effectively use our time, waiting on God can be one of the most difficult Christian practices. It requires us to trust God’s ways, timing, goodness and sovereignty. It reminds us that ultimately we are not in control. We may even wonder if God is running late. We sometimes doubt God’s goodness and his sovereignty. Doesn’t God see the time?

    During this Lenten season we are all waiting. We are on a journey with Jesus to the cross and we are waiting for Easter, for resurrection. Lent reminds us of death, of resurrection and new life and of waiting.

    There are those of us who are also waiting for specific things. Waiting for an answer to prayer, waiting for someone to call, waiting to hear what our next steps in life should be, waiting for new life, waiting for … (fill in the blank).

    Whether weak or powerful, poor or rich, young or old, waiting tries us. This waiting is often unbearable and seems to be never ending. While difficult, waiting also brings opportunity for honest conversation with God, deepened relationship and trust.

    Are you waiting? If so, would you be honest with God in your prayers? Would you share with him your doubts, confess your lack of belief and allow him to meet you where you are? Will you lean on him, trusting that he is both good and sovereign?

    As you do, may you be met by God’s presence, his peace and his comfort. As you wait, may your faith grow and may you find your rest in our God who never delays and is always on time.