Trip Report and Truth Matters Interview

I have been ministering on cultural engagement in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Sally and I are halfway through a 7 week trip. Some of it also promotes a new online program DTS is launching in Australia and New Zealand. Christians here are a cultural minority but there is also a vibrant Christian presence. So it has been a fascinating trip. Also catching up on rugby, cricket, Australian football (footy) and other sports I see only rarely. Fun to keep track of the World Cup while in another part of the world. I will be going to an Australian footy match this weekend. So It has been quite a trip. New Zealand is a beautiful country with varied landscape in packed into very little space. I also completed a radio interview on the national radio Rhema that likely airs Tuesday New Zealand time.

Last night I did a seminar for students at Northcross chruch on Truth Matters. The book has hit the Christian Best Seller list and is written for those heading to college to help them with the questions they will face about the faith on campuses. I wrote it with Andreas Kostenberger and Josh Chatrow. It also is designed for students and parents to read together. We just did an interview on the book that was posted on the web. Many thanks to Fred Zaspel for the interview. Here is the link: