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Spiritual Plagiarism: How We Steal God’s Glory

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Five Book Recommendations for Leaders

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Beach Boys, Love and Mercy Movie and the Lost Gospel of Brian Wilson

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Disruption: Thoughts on Life and Chaos

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Vulnerable yet Safe-- 5 Levels of Sharing

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Where is Your Faith?

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#SCOTUSDecision #ChurchFreakOut

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Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing: A July 4th Prayer for America

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Why Have So Many Christians and Churches Become Pro-Gay?

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Is It Okay to Be Ordinary?

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Next Steps

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7 Baby Steps Whites Can Take to Fight Racism

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Making sense of the senseless

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How inaccurate words hinder our evangelistic efforts with women

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Offering the Gospel to This Generation

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How Should We Handle Overwhelming Feelings?

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Dad Is Gone: What You Need to Let Go of the People You Love

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Manners Matter

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