2 Ways for Families to Remember the Faithfulness of God

Sometimes I forget the faithfulness of God as I face a difficulty. The mountain seems too steep—too hard. I’m sure you’ve been there too (and maybe you are there right now). The choice you need to make seems impossible; the relationship unmendable; the medical treatment, unbearable.

When we face mountains impossible to move, it’s time to remember how God has already led us through.

Seana Scott
Faithfulness of God

God gifted the Israelites with holy days of remembrance. 

The festival of booths reminds them how God led them and tabernacled (dwelled) with them in the wilderness.

They commemorate the Passover to remember God leading them out of slavery in Egypt.

They celebrated these feasts to remember the faithfulness of God.

We celebrate Easter for the same reason—to remember God’s faithfulness in Jesus. 

Jesus demonstrated his power and identity through miracles on earth. He died a real death (Matt. 27:50). He rose again from the dead three days later, and rose to heaven in bodily form (Luke 24).

And now, he leads us out from slavery to sin and gifts us his Holy Spirit when we trust and follow him (Rom. 6:16-18).

This Easter, here are two ways to remember the faithfulness of God:

1. Remember Your Story.

Some of my favorite Psalms celebrate the story of the Israelites because these poems remember God’s faithfulness.

You also have a story.

Whether we’ve followed Jesus for five minutes or fifty years, we can all trace his hand in our lives when we pause and remember.

Sometimes, turning back helps us to move forward in the faithfulness of God.

Read Psalm 105.

What would be included if you wrote a Psalm of Remembrance?

How have you seen the faithfulness of God in your past?

2. Observe Good Friday.

Many years we rush through Easter weekend without pausing to walk through the story of Good Friday. That is why I created the Good Friday Guide.

This guide leads you to utilize tangible elements of a Passover meal and imagine what it might look like if the spirit of death did not pass over your house—or the houses of your loved ones.

Even a few moments of Good Friday remembrance can draw our imaginations forward to the faithfulness of God in history—and in our own lives.

What is one way you have seen the faithfulness of God in your life?

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