A Rendering of Psalm 44

To the Director. A confession from the remnant.

Oh, God, we know your works of old: how you fashioned earth from nothing, framed a piece of it called Canaan, filled it with slaves-turned-refugees, and forged a nation to fulfill a promise.

All of this was done by your providence and power, not the mind or might of Israel. You gave her a place and purpose, for you delighted in her.

Your works continue, as we know firsthand. Our lives you reclaimed. Our souls you saved. Tongues you tamed. Minds you trained. In you we boast continually, keenly aware that our victories come by your providence and power, not our minds or might. You give us place and purpose, for you delight in us.

Why, then, do we face constant disgrace?

Why are we continually taunted, disregarded, thwarted?

We live endangered. Evil parades in plain sight, preying on everyone. It bestows the pompous with power. Warps the world’s systems. And, as long as it permeates things here, we, like sheep, face perpetual slaughter.

You told us to seek safety and unity in the church. But, evil has breached the fold, infecting her with sickening carnality. There’s deluded doctrines. Charlatans in shepherd’s clothing sell their own sheep as cheap fodder. Or to the slaughter. There’s the scolding friends of Job, the ones who chide,

                “You’re living in sinful pride! You must fall in line!”

But, we will not. To do so is unfaithfulness. Adulterous. We will not follow the gods they’ve made in their image and for their advantage. Like Elijah, the remnant at Thyatira, and these Sons of Korah, we refuse to coalesce with corruption.[1] We refuse to betray your covenant and Name. So, we live taunted. Disregarded. Thwarted.

Where are you while your sons and daughters are being slaughtered?

Asleep? Apathetic? Approving?

Come, help us. Strengthen us by your righteous right hand. Empower us to endure so we can follow the true Shepherd who willingly became a sheep and was led to slaughter for the salvation of your sons and daughters. In his Name. Amen.

Notice the connection between the remnant and Jezebel’s doctrine/influence in 1 Kings 19.9-18, Revelation 2.18-28, and Psalm 44.

Amy Leigh is a writer, landscape designer, organizational development specialist, and teacher living in Dallas, Texas. Her articles address themes in faith, culture, creation, the church, theology of the body, theology of women, and relationships.