Bible with a Texas Twang Y’All

Sometimes it is just fun to let people know about something that is available and that also is useful. One of my colleagues at Dallas Seminary is John Dyer. In fact we now office in the same building since I moved to the Hendricks Center. He is our director of Communications and is a techno wiz kid.

He recently designed a Bible that is regional in how it handles second person English terms tied to "you." For example, the "Southern" button gets a rendering of y'all in various forms for a second person plural (something normal English disguises by having the same term [you] for singular and plural). The NYC/Chicago button in the text settings gets you appropriate variations of "youse guys." Now, in fact, it is quite helpful to know whether the you of the text is singular or plural, so this is a fun but handy way to find out quickly. So I am letting you know about the "Texas Bible," a Bible y'all should know about that is both fun and rather useful.

Check it out at :

If you go to the setting icon, it will let you pick which region of the country or of the UK you want your plurals rendered in. Enjoy this.

Public Radio in Dallas did a story on this. You can find it at:

Read it to find out more about this innovation. And by the way the NET Bible is one of the translations he uses with this feature. I guess that makes it the TEXNET Bible.