Drive-thru Faith

I used to love to cook. I wish I could say I still do; but somewhere along the way, it’s become a tedious chore. As an “on the go” family, it takes a lot of forethought, time and energy that I just can’t seem to muster some days. That’s when the drive through is my best friends. Not only do I NOT have to plan it, cook it and clean up after it, I don’t even have to leave my car. That, my friends, is the American dream!! 


As American’s, we get accused of wanting our whole lives presented to us in this drive through fashion: minimal effort, minimal socialization, and as quickly as possible. And, if we are being honest, it’s a fair assessment. 


The biggest problem comes, however, when this cultural mindset invades our faith and our effectiveness in sharing the gospel. 


Not only do we seek the quick fix for our Spiritual hunger; but, we offer it as a solution for the lost. Just pray this prayer and you’ll be fine, or, ask Jesus to be your forever friend and you’ll go to Heaven one day. 


We stress so strongly the simplicity of the gospel; that we’ve created a drive through acceptance process. Inviting people to partake without putting feet to it. The result is a generation of people driving aimless, thinking they have the answer; yet, confused as to why they feel even more lost. 


I love the way Mark Batterson put it in his book, All In. He said, “We’ve allowed people to buy in without selling out.” He calls it the “inverted gospel.” 


True evangelism takes time. It goes beyond offering the simple truth of the gospel. It’s inviting people to take part in our lives and walking with them in true discipleship. It’s time consuming, vulnerable, raw; and, for some of us, uncomfortable. 


I’ll be honest, vulnerable is not my forte’.  But, that’s what we are called to. Jesus laid His ALL out there. He became sin. He took our shame. He paid our debt. 


Jesus more than deserves our ALL. 


It’s time to take up our cross.


Luke 9:23

 Then he said to them all, If anyone wants to become my follower,  he must deny  himselftake up his cross daily,  and follow me.