Finally a Good Decision Sept 10

Relief. That is how to describe the decision not to burn the Koran by Rev. Jones.

Relief. That is how to describe the decision not to burn the Koran by Rev. Jones.

It is a poor biblical model to burn the sacred text of another religion. Those who burned magic books in Ephesus in Acts 19:19 were making a statement about the change of their own practice (a different kind of statement from the one being contemplated here). Paul's reaction to the needs of the world are to plead with the world to be reconciled to Christ (2 Cor 5:17-21). The early church did not go into synagogues seeking to destroy them, but to present Christ to those who needed to hear about him. So in the end, a good decision. Hopefully the Reverend will not move from this new place. 


  • SDO

    I couldn’t believe this guy

    I couldn't believe this guy was going to do something so utterly insensitive. And I don't mean 'insensitive' in a leftist, politically-correct, "all religions are of equal value" sense, but in terms of practical wisdom. Was he even thinking of what his freedom-protected, "slapping the other cheek" act here in the U.S. would have meant to Christian missionaries, travelers, professional people (not to mention Americans in general) who are in Moslem dominated countries ? I have friends overseas that could have been in serious trouble just for being Christians, regardless of any attempt on their parts to distance themsselves from this guy's intended actions.

    I, too, am delighted he backed down (surely due to the prayers of Christians and the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart !) and hope he has learned something from his "fifteen minutes of shame." And, since damage HAS been done, even without the actual burning taking place, I pray God would be glorified in this somehow and that He would heal people's resentments toward Him and Christians/Christianity that may have resulted.

  • Christian

    Quran burning is not Christ-like

    I absolutely agree! This "pastor" was way off base. Seems he was picking and choosing what parts of the Bible to follow. He was in direct contradiction of the teachings of Jesus. I wrote an article about the Quran burning on my own blog with historical and scriptural references. Please check it out and leave comments! Blessings to ya!

  • Leslie Jebaraj

    I too am happy that this

    I too am happy that this pastor did not go through with his plan. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that he was simply playing a stunt. He never really wanted to burn the Koran, but was just playing around. I could be wrong, though!

  • Visitor

    Even though just the mention

    Even though just the mention of burning the Koran caused terrible grief for Americans and Christians everywhere, I am glad that Terry Jones got some sense and backed down. First of all, it was a stupid move to even talk about a Koran burning (it is disrespectful and totally opposite of how Christians should act), but I can't help but think there was some aspiration for media-attention going on. Like someone said before, Jones got his 15 minutes of shame (maybe the media is at some fault also for hyping the situation up so much?). Anyway, I just pray that our country will get through these trials and handle things the right way. -Its a sad thing when one idiot goes out to burn a Koran and the entire world is buzzing about it, but if someone were to burn Bibles I don't think anything would be said.

  • Magnus

    a problem regarding canon

    Dr Bock!

    In the letter of Jude in the NT;  the author seems to quote the book of Enoch as inspired litterature… Do you think that impose a problem regarding canon since the book of Enoch is not considered in any shape or form as authoritative?

    Ive heard the argument made that this would imply that we can not trust Scripture in it self as authoritative (i.e. no canon within canon); this is only possible after the Church by its mandate (teaching office) decided whats inspired or not… In other words the Church is above the Scriptures since it decided what would be in the canon…

    Whats your take?

    Sincerely Magnus Nordlund

  • Darrell L. Bock

    canon problem



    This is not an endorsement of the entire book, but of this one incident. The church recognizes what has authority. The issue is not the order in which things are recognized or even how, but what is recognized.