How to Be a More Well-Rounded Leader

You may have heard it said that a person’s greatest strength is often their greatest weakness. When a God-given strength goes unchecked, it can become a liability. There is a way to bring balance back into the equation. 

You may have heard it said that a person’s greatest strength is often their greatest weakness. You probably see this principle played out all the time. For example, someone at work is incredibly efficient. You rely on his ability to get things done (and done right). However, he might come across a bit too pointed and direct when it comes to personal matters. Or maybe you know someone who is the life-of-the-party type. And while you love hanging out with her at social functions, you have given up on expecting much deep one-on-one time with her.

Now, no one can be all things to all people, and God has certainly given each person specific gifts. But there is something beautiful about being well-rounded. If we are gifted in one area, we cannot allow that gift to go unchecked and become a stumbling block to others. I once heard a woman declare of her lack of compassion, “I have the gift of prophecy. I can’t even spell mercy!” She meant this in jest, but still, I believe Jesus would have us strike a balance (Colossians 3:12-17). Paul says our goal is to “become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” – Ephesians 4:13

So self-evaluate. It is no easy task, but we should each take stock every now and then. Ask those who know you best what your strengths are (and if you’re very brave, ask about your weaknesses too). See if your strengths have overpowered what should be a well-tempered tool used for God’s glory.

So, when pairing small group leaders, it’s a great idea to match up two leaders who have different gifts. Partner a social butterfly with a Bible Scholar. Match up a talker with a thinker. First of all, they will balance each other out, giving their small group the best of both worlds. And secondly, they will learn each other’s traits, making each of them a more balanced person.

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