Is Google Your God?

We love Google. Enter a question and we are likely to find a host of answers. We have instant knowledge at our fingertips.

We love Google. Enter a question and we are likely to find a host of answers. We have instant knowledge at our fingertips.

We often believe and live as if knowledge is all we need. We believe the more information we have than the better decisions we can make. Yet Google, as much information and knowledge as it can give us, is not God. Google does not know all and it cannot know all. Google will fail us.

Yes, knowledge is helpful. It can help us make better decisions. But what about the times when there is not enough knowledge to make a decision?

What if doctors do not have answers for us and we have to make a decision not knowing the outcome?

What happens when we have to speak truthfully and with integrity unsure whether or not we will lose our position or job?

There are countless times in life when we will not have all the information. Our present world deceives us into thinking that we can have all the information. After all, it’s at our fingertips, right? Just ask Google.

This is the original deception of the serpent in Genesis 3:5-6 – “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will open and you will be like divine beings who know good and evil. When the woman saw that the tree produced fruit that was good for food, was attractive to the eye, and was desirable for making one wise, she took some of its fruit and ate it.”

The serpent offered knowledge. We all want knowledge. Yet just like the first man and woman, God calls us to trust Him. He calls us to have faith.

There are natural boundaries God has given us just as He gave the first man and woman. We do not get to know all things. We do not get to understand everything. It is okay to ask for these things, but do we ask for faith just as often? Do we ask for courage and do we trust God whether we have knowledge and understanding? When we make demands on God for knowledge and understanding do we desire to overstep a boundary God has set with a purpose?

I often get frustrated when I do not have enough knowledge as if that would lead to understanding, wisdom and the best choice. Scripture says the fear of the Lord is what leads to understanding and wisdom (Proverbs 1:7). Honoring, revering and ultimately trusting God to be God is what leads me to understanding and wisdom. This perspective leads me to lean into God and trust Him rather than trust myself.

Much of the time my prayers for wisdom are prayers for knowledge. I want knowledge because I want to make the decision with the best and most favorable outcome. Again, these are not bad things to ask for but am I content with what I receive or do I want more? Are the results based on what I know and can control rather than trust in God that no matter the outcome He is with me. Yes, knowledge is helpful but God often calls me to trust and to have faith in light of not having all the answers. This is difficult for me and it makes me ask the question whether or not I’ve made knowledge a god.

How about you? Is Google your god?


  • Jenny Attardi

    Thank you, Laura for you

    Thank you, Laura for you article.  God really used the last paragraph to remind me today that no matter the outcome of my legal dispute, He is sovereign and will help me accept the end result.

  • laura.murray

    I’m grateful you were

    I'm grateful you were encouraged Jenny.  I pray God's peace over you during this time.