Las Oraciones de Mi Madre—My Mother’s Prayers

I crawled slowly and ever so quietly towards the door of my mother’s room. Her weeping had awakened me from a deep sleep. I decided to go check up on her so I sneaked over to her room. I waited a bit and sat in the corner of the hallway where I could see her through the slightly opened door. I listened.

Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos, santificado sea tú nombre.
I felt relieved. My mother, kneeling down beside her bed, prayed and wept. She’s talking to God. She’s having the same conversation as the night before. I decided to stay for a while so I could hear her talk to God once more.
Por favor Señor, dirige los corazones de mis hijos para que conozcan la grandeza de su misericordia, para que abracen el amor que usted tiene para ellos.Yo se que sin su poder, ellos no van a poder vivir una vida agradable para usted. Por favor estire su mano sobre ellos. Protege las vidas de mis hijos con su eterno amor y gracia.
I don’t remember a time when I didn’t hear my mother cry out to God in the midst of her circumstances. Every night, beside her bed, she knelt and prayed. She’s probably kneeling right now, praying for me, praying for her children and her children’s children.
I hope my kids never doubt my prayers for them. I hope they hear me cry out to God in the midst of my circumstances, no matter what happens. I know they watch to see how I react to the every day struggles of life. 
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
It’s the only time I feel relief from the fear and insecurities of motherhood. When I see the world coming after my kids, I pray and confess all my anxieties to the Lord. I know He hears me.
Please Lord. Direct the hearts of my kids so they know the greatness of your mercy, so they embrace the love you have for them. I know without your power, they will not be able to live a life pleasing to you. Please stretch out your hand over them. Protect the lives of my kids with your everlasting love and grace. 
I don’t remember a time when I couldn’t talk to God. When I delivered my firstborn almost 21 years ago, I followed my mother’s example—I prayed. I didn’t know what else to do with all my fears. And He has remained faithful to me every step of the way.
So every morning, I slowly and ever so quietly crawl out of bed to pray. Praying awakens me to God’s promises and they keep me from staying asleep to the things of this world. I tell God everything and I wait until I see His handiwork in the lives of my children. I wait until I hear Him. I listen.
Padre, tengo muchas esperanzas—Father, I have great expectations.
Porque yo se que puedes “…hacer todo mucho más abundantemente de lo que pedimos o entendemos, según el poder que obra en nosotros, a Él sea la gloria en la iglesia y en Cristo Jesús por todas las generaciones, por los siglos de los siglos.” 
Because I know you are “…able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!"
~ Amén

Raquel Wroten (MAMC, Dallas Theological Seminary) was born in McAllen, Texas but has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area most of her life. Raised by a single mother, Raquel grew up knowing the meaning of diversity, creativity, and chaos through her four brothers and three sisters. The greatest gift she ever received came from her mother who taught her that living as a believer doesn’t mean perfection, it means grace. Raquel met her husband Rick at a church retreat in Oklahoma on a cold November weekend. They dated for a year and got married in June 1992. A couple of years later, Rick graduated with his ThM, and they welcomed Joshua. . .then Abby. . .and surprise, it’s Anna! Intermixing their cultures, the Wrotens have established a variety of traditions along with interesting combinations of food. Raquel believes that ministry begins at home so she finds new ways of serving those she calls her own. Raquel serves as editor of DTS Magazine and enjoys writing (in English, Spanish and Spanglish), cooking, coffee, education and serving up a feast for her friends and family.