Speaking about hell on Australian national radio

Last night I did a national radio show on hell in Australia. The radio show is quite popular in a country known for its secular character. I was part of a three person panel. The link runs for an hour.

It was interesting to discuss this topic with an Australian ethicist of Baptist background and a Catholic theologian. The host, John Cleary, said the hour flew by. He has won many journalistic awards in Australia. It was an enjoyable exchange.


  • Milton Stanley

    Hell in Australia
    I’ve heard others say that Australia is very secular, but you’re the first one to say it’s actually where hell is. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: hell is down under after all.

  • Darrell L. Bock

    Hell in Australia

    The remark was about the theological topic of hell on a radio show that was in Australia. The country is actually quite lovely (and far less hot than Dallas this time of year!).