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    Graduation 2015 – Going to College?

      Jonathan Morrow’s most recent “thinkChristianly” email post Students Need A Real World Faith questions the preparedness of students who are getting ready to graduate and head to college. He states, “Unprecedented freedom is just around the corner…they can almost taste it! Soon they will packing up and heading off to college–away from mom, dad, their youth pastor, church, and many of their friends. Are they ready?” Morrow offers “around 50% of them will disengage from their Christian faith during their college years. But, (he also says) they can be prepared – or at least have a fighting chance!” A great graduation present would be one or all of the…

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    A Christian Conservative Goes to College, part 1 (Introduction)

    In the last year I have talked to several friends, Christian parents, who were concerned about the “education” their children are receiving in college. After all, conscientious Christian parents work all those years to raise their child in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4,  Deuteronomy 11:19, etc.), then send those children off to a secular college or university where that instruction will most likely be attacked on every level. When this happens, the child may begin questioning everything about Christianity and everything the Bible teaches. They may begin retreating from parents, Christian friends, church, and Christianity while the parents become sick with worry and wonder how in…