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    Equality Act passes. Tough week. Romantic realism.

    This past week we hit the post-2020 election wall of reality pretty hard— Amazon banned the thoughtful and science-based When Harry Became Sally, singer Demi Lovato declared that gender-reveal parties were transphobic, and Mr. Potato Head came out as gender fluid. To cap it off, at the confirmation hearing for Biden’s nominee to be #2 at the Department of Health and Human Services, Sen. Rand Paul could not get him/her to admit that children should not be able to make their own decisions to make sex changes with hormone blockers or surgery without parental involvement. The outrage has lit up social media. It reminded me of my own onset of rheumatoid arthritis.…

  • Hands over eyes

    Two Sides to Every Story. Especially Now.

    Please, please, please, make this powerful Proverb the filter through which you process information, especially during this Corona-Crazy time: The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.Proverbs 18:17 We HAVE to remember that there are two sides to every story, particularly now when we have to navigate a slippery slope of opinion, and fake news, and deliberately skewed news, and trustworthy reporting of facts. Many people are grabbing one compelling-sounding video or article or even just a meme on social media, and they stop thinking there. We need to be asking ourselves the power questions that help us think: What do they…