• Phantom

    True Story – ad Absurdum

    “They invent ways of doing evil” – The Apostle Paul, Romans 1:30. This begins as a true story: When I was an outcast, oddball, “loser” in high school, bottom of the pecking order and always in danger of getting picked on or beat up, I came up with the idea of pretending to be a Satan worshiper. I found this could be helpful to me in several ways: 1. It made people think twice about picking on me. 2. It brought me the attention I craved as an awkward, outsider teenager. After all, any attention is good attention. Now let us imagine a nightmare scenario. (Think along the lines of…

  • Impact

    Christians should stand against all forms of hate crimes

    On Saturday, October 27, 2019, a mass shooting took place at the “Tree of Life” Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to the BuzzFeed News service, the suspected “gunman” perpetrating the “hate crime”—Robert Bowers—is said to have murdered “eleven people,” along with wounding “four police officers” and “at least two other civilians.”[1]   The “city’s public safety director,” Wendell Hissrich, noted that the “crime scene” was “very bad.” The “FBI Special Agent In Charge,” Bob Jones, described the situation at the “synagogue” as “most horrific.” Jones added that the “gunman” deliberately targeted “peaceful” worshipers during a “Shabbat service” just because of their “faith.”   To say the least, Christians should stand against…

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    The Tapeworm Gallery: Against Flesh and Blood

                NEWSFLASH: Man with Immigrant Wife Elected President by Multitude of Bigots. #classic. But is he racist? Who cares? I don’t need him to be the poster child for jingoism. I just need him to maintain speeches of eloquent diplomacy. So ladies, lock up your ******* because there’s a new sheriff in town.  And with him marks the end of civility in the public square. I’ve waited 240 years for this.             Since the election, I have kicked back with endless bags of BOOMCHICKAPOP Holidrizzle to watch the show. (Love their Pumpkin Spice flavor.) Forget political parties. The Neo-Nazis have their megaphones back, and now…