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    The Origin of Evil

    When did evil and sin enter the world? In the Garden of Eden? And who created evil? Some blame God for temptation and evil by default since he created everything. But let’s rewind. In a galaxy far far away, God created all the angels all at once. And they lived in the stellar places amongst the stars. (Since this is just a blog post and not a seminary paper, I’ll let you verify those gems on your own. A good Systematic Theology text should suffice.)   Now because God only creates “good” and “very good,” he made each angel good, or what some would call “holy.” But Jude 1:6 says,…

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    God’s CIA

    I am referring to God’s Covenant Implementing Angels (CIA). Realize, long before man was created on Earth, God created millions of beings called angels to serve Him (Job 38:4-7 stars = angels in Revelation 1:20. Revelation 5:11). Unfortunately, one of the ruling angels or archangels called Lucifer led a rebellion (1) with one-third of the other angels following him (Revelation 12:4). Nevertheless, they were quickly defeated, their authority (but not power) removed and they were cast out of Heaven (Luke 10:18) (8). Today we know the Archangel Lucifer by the name of Satan (Satan means the adversary or accuser of the brethren – Revelation 12:10).