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    Does Truth Matter Anymore?

    Recently, I discussed with friends how much we observe that the truth doesn’t seem to matter anymore. We witness this in almost every aspect of life: politics, society, even the church, and sadly sometimes among our friends. Lying has never been so popular, it seems. All of us find our lives affected by the lack of truth. But the question is, how much do we care? Integrity and honesty used to be character qualities we looked for among our leadership and those we admire. Now, even if we’re still looking, it’s become much harder to find.  Last month, number one golfer, Scottie Scheffler, had all charges dropped against him from…

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    On Elisabeth Elliot and the Hidden Realities of our Mentors

    “I want to be like Elisabeth Elliot,” I told my mother. I had just graduated from college and was contemplating my next steps. I picked Elliot because she was the only example I knew of a woman speaking publicly in my faith circles. “Really?” Mom’s eyebrow raised. “Then you need a story to tell like hers. Do you want to go as a missionary to an unchartered area, lose your husband to the spear of a tribesman, raise a daughter alone, labor in a village to share the gospel as a single mom? Then finally get married again, only to lose that husband to cancer and experience widowhood a second…

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    You Can’t Handle the Truth!

    Echoing from the movie courtroom this bold assertion, “You can’t handle the truth” resonates beyond that stirring scene.  Between accusations going viral on social media and salacious reports many years old about those we have admired how does one even determine what is true. Add to the confusion that Satan is the "Father of Lies."  In today’s generation, doubt exists that such a thing is possible. So where can “true truth” be found?    Leaders and media filter information and between edits and photo-shop, determining fact and accuracy becomes increasingly difficult.  Often that filter conforms to the assertion above that “we” can’t handle the truth. Dictionary.com offers this definition of…