• mom and little girl

    God Questions From Little Kids

    Recently I asked some of the mamas of littles in our church, “What God questions are your kids asking?” While not definitive, here are some answers I trust you’ll find helpful. Who made God? God has always existed. No one made God. Everything that has been made, has been made by someone or something else. Eventually, when we go back far enough, there has to be a Someone or a Something that is eternal—that was not created. Smart thinkers called philosophers call this an “uncaused cause.” How do we know this? Because there are some things we can’t figure out on our own, so God tells us in His word.…

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    Life Without The Holy Spirit

    Can you imagine life, human existence, without the Holy Spirit – the third person of the Trinity? A few years ago, before I saw this tree, I wondered how it would be if I had no Holy Spirit within me. It might resemble this picture – a tree, for whatever reason, that has lost it’s footing, it’s grounding, it’s life – formerly a formidable structure now a pile of dried, dead wood fallen over revealing no roots. Every time we drive by this dead tree on #290 headed home, I look at it.  Would this be what my life would be living without the indwelling Holy Spirit? As I followed…