• Face trouble with courage and peace when the storms of life hit

    Face Trouble with Courage and Peace

    Listen to this blog as a similar podcast: Do you feel sometimes that you are just spinning like a top and nothing will stop the spinning? Life is going well. You’re doing your job faithfully, whatever it is. Then you get blindsided. The world starts spinning. It doesn’t seem like it will ever stop. Where do you go to find security when life hits like that? Where do you get the courage to keep going? The Bible teaches that we can face life’s realities with courage and peace by entrusting ourselves and our loved ones to a God who loves us dearly. I believe that you and I can learn…

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    Summer Trouble and Soul Anchoring

    You are in the thick of it, not quite the needed summer respite you anticipated. This is NOT the picture you had in mind of yourself this summer -swinging in a hammock breathing in the fresh mountain air.                         Instead you feel like you are in what this picture represents: chaos…a big, fat traffic jam –uncertainty of moving forward or anywhere, confusion, impasse, no apparent way out, delay, craziness, burdens, stress -TROUBLE. Scarily this picture can also mirror the state of our souls revealing the necessity of soul anchoring in a speed saturated, no margins-crammed to the gills society. Soul anchoring becomes critical especially when the circuits are jammed, the…