• Queen's lace

    The Tyranny of the Urgent

    Listen to this blog as a similar podcast: In taking time to read the news this week, I saw this headline that made me stop and take notice: “Beware of plant that can cause blindness.” Well, as a gardener, I had to click on the link and read that article! According to health officials in Michigan, a plant called “Giant Hogweed” (what a name!) recently discovered in that state can cause painful bruises, burns and blindness. Growing up to 18 feet tall, Giant Hogweed (top, at right) is photo-reactive, meaning that in sunlight it begins to burn. “When the plant touches human skin, it can cause small fluid-filled vesicles” that can develop into permanent…

  • Engage

    The Tyranny of the Expected Response… What lies beneath?

    A farmer sits on his front porch. Just inside the screen door the phone rings. And rings. His neighbor asks, “Aren’t you going to get that?”   The farmer spits and leans back, “I bought that phone for my convenience. And right now…it’s not convenient.”   Not so long ago…if someone phoned you and you didn’t answer…they just called you back.  Then, If someone emailed you…you responded within a day or two. All was well. Then came instant messenger and Facebook messaging. We see you are logged in on Facebook so we kind of expect you to respond… Then came a river of  tweets rushing by…I know you’re always checking…