The Good Lie is a GREAT Movie

I was honored to see The Good Lie last night at a screening preview. It is rare I recommend a movie without qualification. This is well worth seeing. It is about the Lost Boys of the Sudan. These boys (and girls) were orphaned in war in Africa, lived in refugee camps and were from the same tribe. The movie is told so well and powerfully. It deals with the ravages of war, the resultant orphanage, moving to a new country with nothing, and shows the hurdles of such an experience, so it gives insight into the process of immigrating to a new land. The cross cultural hurdles one faces are vividly and sensitively portrayed. It is well acted by new actors who are from the Sudan or from Sudanese background. They are a reflection of what they portray. Reese Witherspoon has a major part, and Ron Hoawrd helped to produce it. I had a chance to speak with the screen writer, Margaret Nagle, who spent 11 years getting the movie made because she believed in its subject so deeply. Few movies deal so directly with core issues of life. It is not normal Hollywood fare. So I'd urge you to take the time to go see it after its Oct 3 release. Let me know what you thought. It will be well worth the time.