Two Halloween Opportunities

We may love or hate it, but we can’t avoid Halloween—it comes around every year.

As you talk with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about all the revelry, don’t miss these two divine opportunities.

1. Build Relationships.

Halloween is one of the few times when the whole neighborhood comes knocking. It’s not always easy to build relationships, but this one’s a no-brainer. Sit on your porch and talk to everyone who comes to you. It’s a stepping stone to deepen relationships, which will show you care and, in turn, may provide opportunities to share your faith.

2. Exult in Christ’s victory over evil.

People might look at you funny if you walked around talking about your “victory in Christ” every week. Halloween, though, provides a natural opportunity to talk about good triumphing over evil. What an opportunity to encourage ourselves, our family, and fellow believers with the message that our God is victorious (cf. 1 Cor. 15:57)! We don’t need to fear what comes our way because our sovereign God is always with us. And not only do we have nothing to fear October 31st, but we can have a great time sharing the gospel in many creative ways.

(Note: This article is adapted from a post on evantell.org)

Sarah is the author of Bathsheba’s Responsibility in Light of Narrative Analysis, contributor to Vindicating the Vixens, and contributing editor for The Evangelism Study Bible. Some of her previous ministry experiences have included teaching and mentoring of adults and children in a wide variety of settings. Her small claim to fame is that she has worked with children of every age range from birth through high school over the past 20 years. She and her husband Ben reside in Richardson, Texas with their four children.