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May 6, 2006


May 6, 2006


Welcome to the Darrell Bock blog. After numerous requests to do something like this, I have finally decided to blog. I want to thank for the willingness to host such a site. My intent is to let you know what is going on in areas related to the New Testament, especially Jesus and the origins of Christianity. There is so much happening so fast that keeping up is hard to do. I plan to post periodically with what is happening. We shall be trying to let you know what is up from an evangelical point of view. Let me start with sites where I have addressed issues such as the Gospel of Jude and the Jesus Papers, the latest materials relevant tot the study of Jesus. Soon there will also be a posting on on Jim Tabor’s the Jesus Dynasty.


Of course, much of what I am doing these days is related to the DaVinci Code. I leave May 8 for a week in New York. There I will speak to a delegation from the UN on the Code, be part of a training session with the Shepherd’s Conference on May 13 at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan, and then be a part of a debate on the Code involving myself, an Orthodox Jew, (Shmuley Boteach) and a messianic Jew (Michael Brown). I will representing evangelicals. This will take place at the New York Hilton on May 15 at 7 PM Eastern time. This will also be streamed live over the Net from the site So you can attend even if you are not in New York. I will be in California at the Spiritual Formation forum on May 17-20 with another Shepherd’s Conference in LA on May 20. There are numerous specials tied to Davinci that will be appearing including the D. James Kennedy special and a report on CBN, as well as a DVD by Sacred History magazine.




Breaking the DaVinci Code has been rereleased in paperback. 
The Missing Gospels will be coming out in late July or early August. 
This is a comparative look at the missing gospels and the writings of the first two centuries of early Christianity. It treats the claims that alternative Christianities existed in the first century and examines recent efforts to make this case (Evaluating Koester, Meyer, Pagels, King and Erhman on this issue).



For the URLs with my latest pieces, see:


On Gospel of Judas (Beliefnet):


On Jesus Papers and the Gospel of Judas (Christianity Today):


On DaVinci Code (Things dan Brown Did Not Tell You):


On Tone in the DaVinci Discussion and Whether To See the Movie or Read the Book:

This last topic is especially important. Many readers of the Code have sincere questions about what the book raises because the author claimed he carefully researched the topics and most people do not know much about church history from AD 100-350. So it is important to  know what the novel is claiming exactly and be prepared to respond with a critique that is familiar with how the issues are raised.

Welcome aboard!


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  • Anonymous

    Regarding Da Vinci Debate in NY
    Dr Bock, I Just wanted to let you know that I saw the Da vinci debate tonight via webcast. The way you maintained your composure was real evidense of being led by the Spirit. It takes a lot of Godly wisdom to not lash out when every fiber in your being wants to leap out and strangle your oponant! Well at least that’s what I felt like doing with Rabbi Boteach! It was refreshing to see how you, a man of God, controlled by the Spirit of God, remains calm and with much wisdom you said the right things seasoned with grace. The phrase “be sharp as a serpant and gentle as a dove” comes to mind! Just the oposite was true of your oponant, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. His arogant, self rightious attitude reminded me so much of what the Pharasee’s of Jesus time must have been like. We know very well how foolish the message of the cross sounds to those who are on the road to destruction. But we who are being saved recognize this message as the very power of God. (1 Cor 1:18).
    BTW I have read your book “Breaking The DaVinci Code” hoping to gain some truthful insight regarding Dan Brown’s book. What it cause me to do was to take a good look at the history base of the Gospels. I now feel I am much better equiped to give an answer to everyone who ask me about the hope that is in me. Thanks so much for your ministry in defending the doctrines of our faith. May God richly bless you.

    In Christ Mercy,
    Jay Jacobs

  • Debbie

    Your responses last Monday night
    Dr. Bock,
    I really wanted to give you a huge spiritual hug watching you respond with such a quiet gentle spirit and with such great wisdom each time during the debate last Monday night. Would to God we all had that quiet spirit when confronted with outlandish accusations regarding Christianity.

    THANK YOU and God richly bless you!

    PS I thought about creating a web page and circulating it as a prayer for the good Rabbi that said “Just save him!” over and over… :oD

    • bock

      Global Church Should Know – dlb

      We have been covering this from the start. Check out the Turkey folder and you will see this is where our discussion of Turkey started. I personally know one of the men who did one of the funerals.

  • Sam Snodgrass

    Dr. Beckwith’s Conversion
    May 21, 2007

    Is there some reason the comments that I made earlier will not be published on this site?

    Sam Snodgrass