What Christians in Other Parts of the World Can Teach Us, Part 2

This week on the Table podcast is part 2 of my interview of Scott Cunningham about how seminary training is done around the world and what Christinas in other parts of the world can teach us about global engagement. Scott travels the world for the Overseas Council. He knows what is happening on several continents. So we asked him to discuss what he is seeing around the world and what other Christians can can teach us about engaging in places where the Christiain faith does not have large numbers. It is a fascinating look at how context impacts training and emphases.

Here is the link. Let us know what you think.


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  • Doulos Hal

    Thank you!

    Thank you, I found the video confirming, correcting and comforting! Awareness, intentionality and integration…
    The link did not work directly as I had to search for the video. I copied the link that will work below:

    I think it was the extra space before the "http" that caused the problem.