Your Church Has Decided to Hire. Now What?

You’ve desired that it would be in the best interests of your local flock to hire workers for your church nursery. Your church has approved the hire, and has assigned to you to prepare a list of qualifications for a paid children’s ministry worker.  What should they be?

I’d like to suggest some basic qualifications.

The worker should be a believer. I do believe that unbelievers can be converted to Christ by hearing the gospel while serving in children’s ministry, however, I hold that a believer instructing young children in the faith is an important part of the young child’s beginning spiritual development.

If your church chooses to hire a known unbeliever for the purpose of “freeing up” another church member or attending believer to attend the service, I would advise that it be done with the caveat that the person hired not be the head teacher or worker in the classroom.

The individual should be a mature believer: someone who is maturing in his or her faith, who has a passion for serving the Lord and for instructing others to serve the Lord.

The individual should have a heart for children. You don’t want someone who claims to “love babies”—but rarely interacts with them or who has a low tolerance for a certain age group (for some it’s toddlers, for others its preteens). Respect their limitations!

The individual should be teachable. You want someone who is willing to improve the skills she already has. Someone who is not convinced she has all the answers; someone who possesses humility.

The individual should be loving. You want someone who has a good reputation among the young families in your church, if she is within your congregation; someone who loves children and truly cares for them.

All this is a tall order to fill for the ideal worker. Whoever you find will not be perfect, but he or she should strive for that ideal. After all, we serve a Christ who takes a high view of children and of educating them. Let us pray that He will send us workers who share His heart and His love for them.

What additional qualifications do you have in your churches and your ministries?