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    The Story Behind the NET

    The Story Behind the NET You probably already know that the NET is one of the most transparent and accurate biblical translations available. Thanks to the NET’s 60,000 plus translators’ notes, every major decision by the translation committee is documented for you to explore. But do you know the story behind the development of the NET and why the committee included their notes?   Watch this special video from NET translation committee members Dr. Hall Harris and Dr. Darrell Bock as they talk about the story and purpose of the New English Translation.      Watch Now   Transparent and Accountable   The ultimate accountability was to the biblical text itself. The NET Bible is neither crowdsourced nor a “translation by consensus.”…

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    Retirement? What’s Next

    Being a Director of bible.org I am swamped with emails of all kinds. I am sure you are as well. So when one grabs my attention, I want to share it. What makes an email grab someone’s attention? I think it’s when it affirms a person’s thinking. This one did as it talked about retirement, which if you ask my wife, she will tell you began back when I was in college at Syracuse University. I know, I know you are saying . . . back when? Then years later, at my “official” retirement ceremony several of my employees told my wife, “Your husband is a visionary.” Yes, I guess…

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    Discipleship Training for Bible.org users

      Oswald Chambers in his Utmost for His Highest writes: “Our work begins where God’s grace has laid the foundation; we are not to save souls, but to disciple them. Salvation and sanctification are the work of God’s sovereign grace; our work as His disciples is to disciple lives until they are completely yielded and surrendered to God. One life wholly yielded to God is of more value to God than 100 lives simply awakened by His Spirit. God brings us to a standard of life by His grace, and we are responsible for reproducing that standard in others.”[1]

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    Discipleship Training-Continued

    Reflecting back to the last blog, I see that I am behind the 8 ball as they say in keeping our readers up to date on all that we are doing here at Bible.org. Since May we have hired a couple of new employees who specifically are targeting the discipleship focal point. Our focus is targeted at helping the church be a “disciple making factory” and the other focus is to be online training/education that supports our multicultural audience on the web. How we reach both of those goals simultaneously is may be a challenge.

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    The Cold War is Returning to Men’s Hearts

                I grew up in the middle of the cold war and as I look around and talk to people I can see that the cold war is returning. I am using the bible.org chronological reading plan for my daily bible reading plan and in the reading for today verse 12 of Matthew twenty-four  seemed to fit this title well. Matt 24:12 “because lawlessness will increase so much, the love of many will grow cold”. The physical world may turn on its axis but the heart of man often turns dependent upon the circumstances of the day and world events. And thus the heart of…

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    Quinceañera and Grandpas

    Next week my granddaughter will have the experience of a lifetime. Her parents are showering her with a major birthday celebration called a Quinceañera that she might experience a tradition associated with her Spanish heritage. Coming from the northeast I have much to learn and I have attempted to know more about this event and why it is so very important to my daughter in law who is from Puerto Rico. Interestingly, I learned that it marks my granddaughter’s transition from childhood to womanhood and the coming-of-age rituals that mark a woman’s independence. One of the traditions is to have her shoes changed from flats to heels, dance the first…

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    Let’s Re-Invent Biblical Education

    We live and move in a fast paced technological society. We have more available to us in the wealth of materials, sermons, lessons, articles, and so on than any other generation. Yet, in all of that, we are deficient in critical biblical thinking and knowledge of even the most basic of facts. Note this recent survey result: Only 40% of Americans knew that Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount and fewer than half of American adults were able to name all four Gospels.

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    This past week the Hawaii Senate voted to end daily prayers offered before each session1.This is yet another example of our culture continuing to utilize the phrase “separation of church and state” as an excuse to eliminate the recognition of our heritage set up by our forefathers. In addition, our news media spends a high percentage of its time focusing on what is bad and the ugly of our world. But, recently some very good news…

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    Scrambling ForTime

    One of our bloggers, Gail Seidel asked if we are finding that in 2011 we are already in a “scrambling for time” race. Yes, we are all finding that the pace of life continues to increase and intensify and so much so as we “think” we see the day of the Lord’s appearing drawing ever nearer. So what is ahead for 2011 for bible.org and how do we fit into His plan in the midst of the busyness of our day to day activities? Let’s slow down and see what lies ahead:

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    Sleeper Agent, Bad Luck or is the Devil at Work.

    We need your prayers as we have had strange things happen the past three weeks. 1- Checks from our donors were returned by the post office even though they were addressed properly and our web site hosting provider lost power which impacted our new beta NET Bible study environment. (it is still crippled as I write this) I am reminded of the verse in 1 Peter 5:8 warning us to stay alert as  the enemy is seeking to devour us. …..