A prayer to the Creator in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak

May our sons in their youth

flourish like well-nurtured plants.

May our daughters be like stately corner pillars

that are carved to adorn a palace.

May our granaries be filled

with every kind of produce.

May our sheep increase by the thousands,

and by the tens of thousands in our open fields.

May our oxen pull heavy loads of produce from the harvest.

May there be no enemy breaking through our walls.

May there be no one exiled into captivity.

May there be no cries of distress heard in our public squares.

How blessed are the people for whom these realities are true!

How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!

Psalm 144:12–15

Professor Dan Lioy (PhD, North-West University) holds several faculty appointments. He is the Senior Research Manager at South African Theological Seminary (in South Africa). Also, he is a professor of biblical theology at the Institute of Lutheran Theology (in South Dakota). Moreover, he is a dissertation advisor in the Leadership and Global Perspectives DMIN program at Portland Seminary (part of George Fox University in Oregon). Finally, he is a professor in the School of Continuing Theological Studies at North-West University (in South Africa). Professor Lioy is active in local church ministry, being dual rostered with the Evangelical Church Alliance and the North American Lutheran Church. He is widely published, including a number of academic monographs, peer-reviewed journal articles, and church resource products.

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