Cheese Squares and October 31

On a recent evening I was looking for a late night snack and found a piece of American cheese in the refrigerator. I unwrapped the cheese and instinctively folded it into tiny squares before eating the slice. I literally laughed out loud when I realized what I had done. And then I wondered to myself, “What in the world am I doing?! Why did I fold the cheese into squares?!” My (silent) response to the internal questioning was:

“Absolutely! It’s the most fun way to eat cheese and it’s what I’ve always done.”

Some habits are good.
Some habits are not so good.

On a day like Halloween I wonder how many of us fall into the habit of dividing days (or life) into the secular versus the spiritual? Often unintentional, this is easy to do.

However, whether labeled Reformation Day, All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, or unlabeled …
… today is a holy day. 

See the frazzled saint standing before you shepherding and protecting children on a night of imagination, wonder, and chaos.

See the lonely saint opening their home in hospitality and greeting to neighborhood families.

See the saint hidden behind locked doors and closed blinds seeking peace and safety through seclusion.

See the saint creating a sense of value and worth through provocative costumes and behavior.

Allow this day and the holiday season it ushers to provoke reflection on the stories and faces of our neighbors and friends. Remember them and seek their well-being after these community nights of festivity have ended.

Christ transcends culture. Christ transcends holidays that evoke sadness and fear and causes segregation, both within and outside the church.

Step outside of cultural and religious habits.
See and experience the sacred on this holy day.

Christy currently serves as the Director of Public Affairs at Crichton College in Memphis, Tennessee. Crichton is a Christian, liberal arts college committed to equipping students to think critically, grow spiritually, and change their world. Prior to moving to Memphis, Christy served as the Minister of Local Outreach and Assistant Minister to Singles at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas. She is a graduate of Rhodes College and Dallas Theological Seminary. Christy’s passion is to see individuals encouraged and equipped to fully live and exploit their unique calling, gifts, and talents, thus, allowing the Church be a strong, incarnational, evangelical presence within the local and global communities. She has a twin brother who serves as a missionary in Europe and a younger brother who lives in Dallas, Texas with his new wife (a match for which Christy claims full responsibility).  Her mother and step-father live in Memphis, Tennessee and father and step-mother live in Quebec City, Quebec.

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  • Kristy Tarrant

    You had me at “cheese squares”.

    Beautifully written. "Remember them and seek their well-being".  Thanks, Christy!