Fox News, Resurrection and Truth Matters

I continue to do a host of interviews about the book Truth Matters. It continues to do very well. There is a lot of buzz around it, as they say. One of the latest interviews was with Lauren Green of Fox News on a segment called Spirited Debate. Most of the conversation was on the resurrection, since Easter is approaching. So here is the link of the six minute discussion. How much can one say in six minutes?

Well we tried to cover the empty tomb and the body being stolen among other things. Not time for too much more. The interview by uplink was interesting since you are in a room with a camera and very bright lights, a background, and no monitor to see who you are talking with about the subject. You just hear the person in your earpiece. So it is hard to connect at a relational level when all you have is a voice and the environment is not at all like a phone call. Anyway, it was an interesting time. I also did three hours of internet interviews over the weekend. More interviews are scheduled for this week, one I already had at 6:30 AM this morning (not the best time of day for an interview by my body clock!). Here is the Fox video link:


  • Christian Jones

    Great book. You should talk

    Great book. You should talk to your publisher though, the notes in the Kindle version are only half set up. The note numbers in the text will take you to the notes section but the numbers there aren't linked back to the text. The back button on my phone and tablet usually worked though occasionally it would go back to my library instead and I'd have to find my place again manually.