How Will My Kids Fare?

There is so much I want my children to know and embrace before they leave. Everything from knowing the Bible, manage money, or even boiling an egg.

Many spiritual and practical lessons I was not taught (hubs taught me how to boil an egg and I had no idea how to read the Bible entering college).

Sometimes I feel like I am scrambling to know how to teach them because I want them to know so many things.

But then, this morning gave me hope.

After we sat for a quick morning devotion before heading out the door, I heard one of my children singing a song I made up to memorize scripture. Then I heard another kid remind their sibling about keeping things in the place they belong so we can find them (life lesson!).

And I realized this:

I don’t have to teach them everything today.

With our parenting goals in mind, little by little they will be formed. We all are formed little by little in the day in and day out practices we keep.

So the question really is:

How is my family rhythm forming all of us in it?

In the day in and day out pattern of how we spend our time?

Is there space for quiet as well as entertainment?

Is there space for connection as well as solitude?

What do we want our children to become? What small practices in our daily life are forming that?

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