“Mommy, put your phone down”

“Mommy, put your phone down.” My 21-month-old looks up at me, his small hand tugging at mine. His words sting a little—because I know he’s right.

Far too often I’m working on my computer or looking at my phone. I’m flipping laundry or washing dishes. I ignore his gentle tug and peering eyes, pressing myself to get more done.  

I call it necessary multitasking. He calls what it is—distracted, busy, and disengaged.

What if I—what if we—stopped for just a minute to see the good things staring at us? What if we put away our phones and paused in our to-dos to listen, laugh, and be led by little hands?

It’s hard to be fully present in the moment. It’s difficult to unplug.

Fear bubbles up. Anxiety pinches our shoulders. Guilt swells within.

What if we missed out? What if we don’t get it all done? What if we fall behind?

But what if we are missing out—on the very best things in life, the things right in front of us? What if the fear, anxiety, and guilt are keeping us from what we want the most?

What if today we choose to be led by little hands? What if we set aside our to-do list and listened to the person in front of us? What if we put down our phones and closed our laptops for just a few minutes and allowed ourselves to rest or even laugh?

The fear might well up. The anxiety might knot up our shoulders. The guilt might wash over us.

But then those little hands might just lead us to the thing we long for most. Joy.

Will you join me?

Amanda DeWitt is a freelance writer, coach's wife, and mom. She completed her bachelor’s at Dallas Baptist University and holds a M.A. in media and communication from Dallas Theological Seminary. When she's not typing away at her computer, she's chasing her two little boys or watching her husband coach high school football.