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    Unfolding: A Pressure-Free Model for Leading Your Team

    Meet Michelle Oney. She's a friend, collegue, and leader with a vision to help individuals and teams discover how God has gifted them and where he is calling them to serve. Her words will challenge and encourage you.    You and I carry an unexpected burden. And I wasn’t ready for it either.     A few years ago, I moved into a new sector, feeling called toward ministry. Along with the transition came the weight of managing people with a “calling.” For 20 years I worked in university advancement and considered how I could “mold” and “shape” a team into the best team they could be based upon the…

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    When Did “Good Workers” Get Labeled as “Haters?”

    People are sometimes described as “glass half-empty (negative)” or “glass half-full (positive)” types. A recent study took those descriptors a step further by looking at how such dispositional attitudes affect productivity in the workplace. Believe it or not, those employees who stayed task-focused in order to get their jobs done were labeled “negative,” “grumps,” and “haters.” Haters?! When did “good workers” get labeled as “haters?” My husband Ron, a Fox News contributor, was on Fox News Radio a couple of weeks ago (listen here) discussing this topic because of a Parade Magazine article released online June 23, 2014 titled, “Could Negativity Benefit Your Career?” The two researchers, who were referenced in the article,…

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    Faith in the Workplace

    Our topic of conversation around the table at lunch yesterday was “faith in the workplace.” My husband Ron had recently attended a conference on that very subject so he had some “takeaways” to share with us and discuss. For a Christian, all of life is an extension of our faith, including the time spent at work and the relationships made there. But, how do you live out your faith at work without stealing time from your employer? That question lingered in my mind. Yes, many employers allow employees to have a lunch break, and one can certainly try to lead a weekly Bible study during that designated lunch break, inviting…