• smiley

    Toxic Shock at Work

    A friend of mine recently told me of the change in her work environment that happened with the addition of one female co-worker. Just one. Female. Assistant. What was once a team-oriented, respect-and-support-each-other work climate went toxic—because of the influence of one woman. Ms. Toxic’s continual gossiping about the other women and backbiting created “toxic shock” in a matter of 3-4 weeks! How does that happen? From the moment she stepped into her new job, Ms. Toxic began targeting her fellow administrative personnel (mainly women) with harsh criticism. The rest of her work team didn’t know what to do. They were in shock. No one had done this before in…

  • Engage

    Faith in the Workplace

    Our topic of conversation around the table at lunch yesterday was “faith in the workplace.” My husband Ron had recently attended a conference on that very subject so he had some “takeaways” to share with us and discuss. For a Christian, all of life is an extension of our faith, including the time spent at work and the relationships made there. But, how do you live out your faith at work without stealing time from your employer? That question lingered in my mind. Yes, many employers allow employees to have a lunch break, and one can certainly try to lead a weekly Bible study during that designated lunch break, inviting…