• Shirley Temple doll

    Better than Shirley Temple Goodness

    Hearing that Shirley Temple Black died this week sent me back to my childhood years. The Shirley Temple from the 1930s movie screens had an influence on my early life in the 1950s. Even though there were no reruns on television, nor channels like TMC and AMC to play all her movies, and certainly no DVDs, I somehow knew about Shirley Temple. And, her portrayal of goodness. Looking back at pictures of me as a young girl, I wore Shirley Temple style dresses, with my hair in fluffy blonde curls. Like many girls my age, I played with a Shirley Temple doll,complete with outfits from some of her movie roles. When…

  • Engage

    My Shirley Temple Moment

    Almost everyone I know has a Shirley Temple moment in his or her life. Whether it happened forcefully or unexpected, many of us have a story to tell that includes a Shirley Temple movie or song. I think that’s why most of us feel a sense of loss in her passing. My Shirley Temple moment lasted for just a little while, but the lesson I learned from it has persevered.     I performed On the Good Ship Lollipop in a church talent show to raise money for something—I can’t remember what, but I know it involved a high-school trip. Anyway, right before taking the stage, I got sick and…