Top Reasons Being a Leader/Sponsor at Summer Kids Camp in Texas is for Crazy People!

#10) Being in a cabin with a room full of stinky 3rd – 5th grade boys! – Gas, shoes & wet clothes on floor = It’s what I imagine Hell smelling like. 

#9) Being in a cabin full of emotional 3rd – 5th grade girls!Drama, Drama and more Drama…I feel like crying now!!!!

#8) Eating mass produced camp food!It builds character!

#7) Dealing with the wide variety of ravenous, blood thirsty insects only found at camp!  Gimme the Raid and a Machete…and soak me in Deet!

#6) Dealing with the dumb level of joint paint that we adults over 40 must go through!  I love you ibuprofen…you’re my only friend!

#5) Filling out all of those dad-gum Camp Forms!  !@#&#%&!!!!! – Sorry about that…did I just say that out loud about forms?

#4) Sleeping on Camp Beds!Chiropractors should hand out business cards here!  

#3) Adjusting to the Noise!  – Bleeding ears and uncontrollable shaking may occur…but other than that, you’ll be fine!

#2) Surviving 18 hour days!Anything to take the focus off of the Camp Beds – after 18 hours you don’t care what you sleep on. 

#1) Baking in the Texas Heat!Smell that?  That’s your brain cooking…smells like victory!!!

Enough Said…besides… I’m too tired to say anything else anyway…and my voice is gone and I smell bad too!


Brian Holt was called into and served in children's ministry for over 20 years. Brian had the privilege to lead in children's ministries ranging from mega-church to plant church size. Brian changed roles in his church and now serves as the Care Pastor at Rock Creek Church in Prosper, Texas overseeing the Care and Support ministries of the church. Brian has been married to his lovely wife Amy for over 24 years and they have 5 amazing kids. Brian's passion is to see every man, woman and child fall in love with Jesus and become one of his devout followers, transforming their lives in the process to be more like Him everyday.