10 FREE Bible Study Tools

Time is short and so are budgets when raising a family. So, when it comes to investing in tools to study God’s word, we can sometimes feel like we need a side gig just to afford all the books and classes—or hours of time we do not have trying to understand complicated passages and questions.

But do not fret!

I polled some of my social media friends and put together a list of 10 free Bible study resources. So, when you have that nagging question or yearn to dig deeper, here is some help!

10 Bible Study Tools

The Bible Project

Amazing visual overviews of books of the Bible, themes in scripture, and other fun finds. These videos are very well done. As a visual learner and “big picture” thinker, these videos help me grasp the horizon so I can understand the place of scripture I’m studying. Go, watch!

Insight for Living

I enjoy their concise overviews of books of the Bible including background information. A great and simple place to start when reading a new book in the Bible. The website also has tons of other valuable information or resources.

Sonic Light Commentary

Dr. Thomas Constable from Dallas Theological Seminary posted his notes on the Bible online for free use. This is an invaluable resource I usually hit first when I have a question.

Dallas Seminary free classes

Dallas Seminary is offering free classes now to help even non-seminarians dig deep in a book of the Bible. This is such good stuff and would even be great to bring a friend along to join with you.

RightNow Media

This is a media library that has teachings, Bible study guides, and other sorts of videos (my kids watch a lot of the kid videos on the children’s site). For example, some churches use their studies for small group curriculum or women’s Bible studies. Many churches have accounts with Right Now Media, so it is free to congregants. Ask your church leaders if you are not sure.

Biblical Training

An amazing resource for free online classes that include professors from diverse seminaries. Their vision: Christian education up to seminary standard should be available free to anyone who can work a computer. Although I do think there is more to education than information and I hope that all people could go to seminary, but that is not the case. And this resource is a gem.


This website has helpful articles and blog posts on important topics of study. (And I blog here too!) It also has a link to the Net Bible, which is another helpful Bible Study tool.

Dr. Wayne Stiles’ Blog

Dr. Stiles’ blog will help you understand the geography of the Bible and why it’s significant. If you want to learn about any place of the Bible, this is a great resource. He has a search bar to help guide you to the right post.

Bible Hub

Sometimes it is helpful to see how other translations of the Bible handle certain passages. This tool on Bible Hub lays these translations side by side and can aid in seeing the meaning of a passage more clearly, depending on word choices. It also allows you to see the original language and click on a word to get the definition. Because remember: all translations have to make textual choices on what English words to use. Unless we are reading the original languages, we are reading translations.

You Version

This is a great app to track your Bible reading plans. However, I always encourage people to read through one book of the Bible at a time to grasp the larger message of the book, not just reading the passage and skipping around. But this app can help you keep track of where you are and what to read next. It also has devotions and other helpful material.


What are your favorite free online resources? Either listed above or hidden gems we don’t yet know about?

Hope you feel better resourced the next time you have a Bible question!


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